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The newest and one of the most revolutionary developments in young plant growing systems. Aero NT propagation trays use new technology to promote healthier growth in a shorter time. Aero NT uses a special mix glue plug tailored in some cases for specific crops and formulated for summer and winter conditions.

The benefits are numerous but significantly the structure creates a far improved water management system allowing better water retention but with outstanding drainage attributes. This in turn improves rooting and in the case of Geraniums for example the rooting times have been significantly reduced.

Trays are predominantly made from rugged recycled PS or PET and come in 45, 84, 104, 126 and 144 configurations with 1 to 3 predrilled holes for easier sticking. The design also increases air circulation optimising transportation issues and reducing the plants susceptibility to disease. We have become the exclusive distributor of the Aero NT young plant plug system in the UK. Customers can benefit from this new technology in their own growing environments by purchasing trays through our Whitehill Farm Head office, the same location as Young Plants Limited.